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Patent Expiry Makes Sildenafil Accessible


Prescription drugs for any ailment can actually be an expensive issue. Where patents are unexpired, generic alternatives are not available and people are left with no other choice but to pay more for their medication. This has been the case with Viagra, the most prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction or ED.


Sildenafil is Now More Accessible


Speculation has been going on since 2007 about the availability of a drug for erectile dysfunction eventually being made available over the counter, even in the absence of a prescription. That hope is unlikely to be fulfilled as doctors are very much opposed to the move. But with the expiry of the Pfizer patent, the generic Sildenafil alternative is available at a fraction of the price of the branded product and this in itself makes the treatment more accessible.


Now it is permissible to prescribe the generic versions of the medication legally in UK. The company, Pfizer who had originally developed Viagra, is out with Pfizer Sildenafil. This is the company’s own product for generic Sildenafil.


Even though the Pfizer Sildenafil is a medication available on prescription, it can be obtained from websites too. Trusted sites like The Online Clinic help patients suffering from ED obtain these pills online. The Online Clinic is not the only medical service in the UK providing this service to men too embarrassed to see their GP but it is one of the more established healthcare providers specifically licensed to provide this online service.


Watch What You Buy!


Having said that, there are other online providers that might not be so trustworthy though they may make the drug available easily. A wide range of people suffering from ED, who are too shy to discuss their issues with the doctor often fall prey to sites selling cheaper versions of the medication that are not actually licesned in the UK. We recommend that you only use licensed clinics and pharmacies. We have already written on a previous occasion about how you can tell the difference between genuine healthcare companies and internet scams. We recommend that you heed this advice.


An interesting PharmaTimes article about the expiry of ‘Pfizer’s patent on Viagra’ in the UK and states of Europe mentioned that this has given huge scope to companies for embarking into the market for erectile dysfunction medication. The market is expected to be overflowing with various generic versions of the best-seller at highly competitive prices.

Standard drugs: An advisory Note


With the emergence of genuine generics, which will be massively cheap, many people are asking how they will be able to tell the difference as price was always an indicator before. With Sildenafil becoming cheaper and more accessible, quality will be a major concern. Having a brand name to vouch for the quality is always useful and we are sure that this is a major part of the Pfizer strategy in getting its own generic brand out there.


Branding is very important because it can have an impact on patient reponse. Doctors always report patients complaining that generics do not work as well as brands.  While this is never because of a faulty product, the outcome for the patient is different so they perceive an inferior product.  NHS doctors are unlikely to prescribe the Pfizer brand because it is more expensive than the other legal generics but it is available privately for half the price of the product branded as Viagra.


All products in specifically licensed in the UK market are safe and all contain exactly the right amount of active ingredient. The problem that we need to be vigilant of is that of unlicensed generics. While they will be unlikely to infiltrate the legitimate pharmaceutical supply network, there is a possiblity that the cheap and adulterated versions will be available online through unregulated suppliers.


Whether these issues will become a problem later is yet to be seen. However these issues are worth considering before it gets too late.


Under any circumstances, patients who take any medication under prescription must consult a doctor before changing brands. You can consult with Dispensing Doctor online as a guide for patients with ED about the medications that will suite them the best. There is, in our view, no better person to ask than your GP however so this should be your first port of call.


What may the True Cost Be?


Getting a cheap version of the generic Sildenafil may initially look good. However it may not come without other costs. It is always better to buy the medicines from licensed clinics as the chances of poor quality and counterfeits are pretty much eliminated. Obtaining pills from a regulated medical clinic ensures that the customers get their money’s worth.


Counterfeiting of medicines is a grave problem today. However, lawful pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have different high end technological means of addressing such issues. To give an example, Pfizer supplies Viagra in packages with a RFID chip that has a mechanism for tracking every pack that the company sells.


For keeping up with changes that are new in this field, people with conditions like ED may even log on to for recent developments.


Beware of Side Effects of Sildenafil


Sildenafil is not a drug which should be taken without proper medical guidance. There could be side effects as well as allergic reactions from this medication. Some common side effects of sildenafil are

·         Headaches

·         Stuffiness in the nasal passage

·         Facial Flushing

·         Pain in the stomach

·         Diarrhoea

·         Queasiness

·         Dizziness

·         Impair hearing

·         Difficulty in distinguishing between blue and green

·         Sense of ringing in the ear


In case of any issues that might crop up after taking the medication, immediate help from the doctor must be sought.



As the entire world looks forward to the subsequent generation of drugs for erectile disorders, for people whose physicians are sure about Sildenafil citrate being the most viable option, carry on treating ED with the trusted licensed products only. Sites like BMJ also help doctors to monitor developments and take better decisions regarding issues that may become apparent with a particular medication.



Though getting cheap versions of the medication may appear attractive yet it should always be borne in mind that obtaining medication from reliable sources is very important since it is the ‘health factor’ that counts.


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